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KENYA, Nairobi : A member of a youth corps campaigning for peace performs an act at the sprawling Kibera slum in Nairobi on July 28, 2014, reminiscent of deadly ethnic violence that followed the disputed results of the 2007 general elections, that were particularly intensive at the slum leaving scores dead. Kenya takes pride in being a union of “42 tribes”, but a string of attacks in towns on its volatile coast has exposed bitter and explosive ethnic tensions linked to politics. “There has been a surge of dangerous speech,” said 26-year-old Nanjira Sambuli, a project leader of Umati, an online crowd sourcing project monitoring hate speech, based in Nairobi’s sleek iHub offices, the heart of its tech-savvy community. AFP PHOTO/Tony KARUMBA

Where the term “playing chicken” comes from. 

It felt as if one’s entire world was one, long Sunday afternoon. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

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We’ve opened an additional store at Zazzle. The stock isn’t uptodate, but we’ll work on that in the upcoming days.

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pen and ink scientific drawing by Bob Walters